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In order for your property, whether commercial or residential, to be structurally sound its foundation must be in the best possible shape since your entire building is supported by the foundation.

Even the tiniest cracks in your foundation can eventually cause evolving problems since they hardly stay little, thereby, leading to wet basements, mold/mildew growths and general structural deterioration.

However little that crack may be, call CGS Waterproofing & Foundation to avoid major issues for your property or home. Contact us today for a free estimate.


We have a team comprising of foundation repair experts and basement waterproofing specialists who will repair every crack, ensuring that your building is permanently dry and structurally sound.

We offer free and comprehensive foundation inspections, for commercial and residential clients alike, after which we will come up with the best strategy to help you resolve any foundational issues arising.
Call us now for your free evaluation and estimate, and begin the journey towards a permanently dry basement and complete foundational repairs.

We will assist you to eliminate all foundation cracks to prevent further damage.

Cracks can occur even with the strongest foundations. There’s hope though! CGS can help you restore your foundation to top shape in a short time. Depending on its magnitude, a method will be selected to resolve it externally or internally.
Remember that while seeming harmless in the beginning, cracks can only get bigger. Water will easily seep through such cracks, and then freeze allowing the thaw cycle, which is typical of winter, to only widen the crevice.
At CGS, we offer our foundation repair services to homeowners and commercial clients alike. For years, we’ve helped customers in Atlanta, GA to have permanently dry basements.
Drainage problems

Signs that you may have a drainage problem that is affecting your foundation

1. Your gutters are overflowing

Take some time to examine how your gutters collect and drain runoff on a rainy day. If you see a lot of water gushing over the edge of the gutters, your gutters could be the source of your foundation problems. Gutters are meant to collect runoff and ensure it drains far away from your foundation. If there is debris such as dead leaves or twigs that has blocked your gutters and downspouts, water will overflow and be deposited at the foundation. This can also happen if the pitch of your gutters is incorrect or too small.

2. Water is being deposited at your foundation

Where does your downspout deposit runoff collected by your gutters? If the downspout is draining water too close to your foundation, the soil around your foundation will become saturated with water. This in turn will result in the destabilization of your foundation. It is important to ensure that the downspouts drain at least 6 feet away from the foundation. This will ensure the safety of your foundation when the snow melts or during seasons of heavy rainfall.

3. Water seepage problems in your basement

While foundation cracks can be a result of various other factors, they are often a sign of a drainage problem. Foundation cracks accompanied by other signs of water seepage such as mold or mildew, flaking of the foundation walls, or the formation of a white powdery substance on the surface of the foundation walls often indicates a drainage problem.

Entry of water and moisture into basements via the foundation is the reason why many basements are wet or damp. A wet or damp basement is not desired in your home because such an environment is conducive to the growth of mold. Mold poses a notable risk to your health and can also significant damage to your property.

Air that has a high moisture content also poses a bigger health risk in that in addition to promoting the growth of mold, it can also carry harmful pollutants such as mold spores, dust mites, nitrogen dioxide and many others for a prolonged period.

Foundation waterproofing eliminates both moisture transpiration and water seepage through the basement walls. Through foundation waterproofing, you can keep your basement dry and avoid the problems that are associated with damp or wet basements. For the best results, work with a professional foundation waterproofing service provider. Here are some crucial indicators that your home needs foundation waterproofing.

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