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Do you need concrete repairs?

CGS Waterproofing & Foundations supplies a wide range of concrete installation services, including concrete driveways, patios, sidewalks and paths, flooring and foundations. We also specialize in decorative concrete design – we are experts in stamped concrete and stained concrete. CGS also performs restorative and repair services, including concrete resurfacing and crack repair.

We use high-quality materials to deliver beautiful, long-lasting results, whether we are laying a new concrete sidewalk or working on a construction project.
CGS completes tasks within budget and on time. We use cutting-edge tools and time-tested methods to ensure great results.


Sidewalks and Driveways

Want to turn your old concrete patio into something new and exciting?

With the friendly overlay concrete services of CGS, you can stamp your concrete into something with a fresh new design. CGS will pour new concrete over the old and your old patio design is replaced by your own custom concrete design.

Always Ensuring Quality
Affordable Solutions

At CGS, we are known for our professional approach and organized working process. Contact our certified experts today for more information and a free estimate.
We have a best price guaranteed program that will outbid any competitor, without risking the quality or warranty.

New installations ensure your concrete sidewalks and driveways are safe and attractive.

Decorative Concrete

Stamped and stained concrete enhances any home. Add color, texture, and interest to new residential concrete installations with stamping and staining by CGS.
Sometimes called textured or imprinted concrete, stamped and stained surfaces are a favorite on patios and pool decks, as well as on steps and garden walkways. Stamping can be done to imitate a variety of construction materials, such as bricks and stone.

New Home Foundations

Slab concrete foundations are a cost-effective solution when you’re building a new home. Save money on your new home construction project by building on a slab foundation from CGS.

We have a good reputation in the construction business, built in part on the dependable quality of our foundation work. We draw on over 12 years of experience to create a strong, solid slab that will resist cracks and settling.

Patios and Pool Decks

Get the most out of your outdoors with concrete patios and pool decks from CGS Waterproofing & Foundations. Poured patios and pool decks from CGS create the perfect space for gathering with friends and family, whether it’s for games, cookouts, or any other outdoor activity.


Sidewalks and Driveways

Whether you’re looking to replace deteriorated structures on your property or want to add completely new elements, CGS is your best choice for new sidewalks, driveways, and other concrete features.
We have a best price guaranteed program that will outbid any competitor, without risking the quality or warranty. Be sure to let us know if you need additional information about our business and the services we offer in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas.
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