Waterproofing solutions!

Interior waterproofing


Interior waterproofing  sub-floor drain system is an ideal remedy to all your water management needs. This unique and innovative design collects water from the two primary sources that are responsible for your basement water leakage. Sub-floor drain system collects water seepage from the walls and footer, along with any seepage through faults in the foundation. The water is then channeled directly into a perforated pipe that goes among the problem wall. Unlike large holes, narrow slits throughout the main sections prevent large solids from entering the system. The gravel prevents dirt from compacting against the sides of the System. This unique high flow design is capable of handling the most severe water problems. Sub-floor drain system then channels the water collected to a Sump Pump System to discharge the water away from the property. Some times depending on the grade we are able to discharge by gravity without using a Sump Pump.

Lifetime Warranty!

All areas waterproofed by CGS Waterproofing with our interior sub-floor drainage system are warranted to stay dry, once the area is waterproofed it is warranted for life. *Please see contract for complete warranty details and exclusions. 

Exterior waterproofing


This is the external way to totally lock out water  from your basement or foundation walls. It is the sure fire way to relieve any amount of hydro static pressure pressing against your walls.  One of the main reasons to foundation failures is due to constant water pressure. Soil is heavy enough by itself but when water is added the weight can triple. Exterior waterproofing not only relieves the pressure but also keeps the basement walls from wicking water. This wicking will not only leave a substance call efflorescence but also raises humidity levels high enough to support mold growth.


Our Services

Crawlspace Encapsulation


Encapsulating not only seals your crawlspace but it also helps to eliminate musty odors and humidity levels. Moisture control can prevent mold damage, which not only decrease the value of your home but will also be detrimental to the health of your family.

Vapor Barriers


Create a dry clean space that will reduce odors and allergens coming from the underground. Lets talk about creating extra storage space in you crawlspace while keeping your belonging in a dry and odorless environment. 

Concrete work


CGS will repair from a small crack due to settling of your home to foundation block repairs. We can pour concrete from a small patio for the grill to a complete new driveway. Call us and let us estimate your next concrete work! Best price, great quality and best guaranty!