What Happens When You Ignore Foundation Wall Cracks Norcross, GA

Have you noticed cracks in your foundation walls? Many homeowners would rather ignore foundation wall cracks, especially if they are small and show no signs of water seepage. Some even paint over them or fill them in to improve the aesthetic appearance of the wall. However, this isn’t dealing with the wall cracks.

While your home is not likely to collapse in the next few weeks, ignoring foundation wall cracks is still not a good idea. Here’s what is expected to happen if you do.


  1. The cracks will grow.

Foundation wall cracks are often a sign of another problem with the foundation. In many instances, cracks are formed due to the movement of the soil around the foundation. Cracks may develop when the soil expands or shrinks. This is likely to continue if it is not dealt with. The cracks in your foundation will therefore grow larger and spread further. You may even notice more cracks forming on other parts of your foundation.

  1. Water seepage

Cracks in your foundation are an entry point for moisture and water in the soil around your foundation. If the cracks in your foundation aren’t showing signs of water seepage right now, they will most likely begin to let water into your basement in the future if they are not repaired. Water seepage can, in turn, lead to various problems. It will create a damp environment in the basement where mold and mildew will thrive. Water seepage can also lead to flooding.

  1. Pest infestation

Cracks in the foundation are not only an entry point for water but also for pests. Rodents and crawling insects such as cockroaches will use the cracks to enter your home. They will also hide in the cracks and crevices to breed and multiply. You will soon find that you’re dealing with a pest infestation that is a nuisance and a risk to the health of the members of your household.


  1. Gas intrusion

Another risk of not attending to foundation wall cracks is a gas intrusion. Various toxic gases occur naturally in the soil around your foundation. Some of these gases, such as methane, are explosive when in an enclosed space. Others such as Radon can cause serious health concerns. These gases will seep into your basement through the cracks and can be a cause of the problem.

Protect the health of your household and the structure of your home by investing in repair for your wall cracks.

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