Do I Need to Move Out During A Foundation Repair Project? Atlanta, GA

Is your home in need of foundation repair? You may be wondering whether it is safe to continue living in your home during the repair. The simple answer is yes.

Why foundation repair shouldn’t be a reason to leave your home

If your foundation is due for repair, you may be considering moving out until the work is done. However, don’t be too quick to do so.


  1. Repair contractors take safety seriously.

It doesn’t matter what type of repair you have done on your foundation; repair contractors take safety and security during the repair very seriously. They apply safety measures such as the continual monitoring of the foundation and structure of your home to ensure a secure environment and the successful implementation of the repair solution. Therefore, you should take the time to find a reliable and experienced contractor that will ensure the safety of your home while working on your foundation.

  1. Many repair solutions have little or no vibration.

Many foundation repair solutions do not cause vibrations. You are therefore not likely to notice the repair work. For example, installing carbon fiber straps does not involve beatings at all. This type of repair can be completed in hours, depending on the extent of damage your foundation has experienced.

The only disturbance you may experience during the repair is noise from small machinery and increased traffic in your home as the repair team works on your foundation.


  1. The repair can be completed in a short time.

Repairing your foundation may not take as long as you think. Many jobs can be completed in hours or a few days. Leaving your home will be an added expense that is entirely unnecessary. You will only need to be patient for a few hours or days while the team works on your foundation.

Failing to repair your foundation is more dangerous.

Many homeowners are fearful of the effects of the foundation repair process on their foundation. However, they should instead be afraid of the impact of not repairing the foundation. If anything, your foundation was unsafe before the repair process began. You should, therefore, not be afraid of living in your home during the repair. However, it is a good idea to discuss this with your contractor. They will let you know whether it is best to leave or stay.

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