5 Key Advantages of Basement Waterproofing Atlanta, GA

Water damage is the most common type of insidious home damage since various factors can cause it, including seepage, rain, plumbing leaks, burst pipes, and overflows.

Your basement is especially susceptible to damage caused by water because water can penetrate its walls via cracks in the foundation. Leaks in plumbing systems near the basement can also cause a buildup of water or moisture on the basement floor and walls.


Since many basements are often neglected as damp, dirty, and cold areas, they are likely to experience damage by water at some point. A report that ipropertymanagement.com published in 2021 indicated that 98 percent of basements experience some damage by water. The damage caused by flooding in the basement or seepage of water through the basement’s walls includes the growth of mold as well as structural damage.

You can avoid these problems by letting a basement waterproofing contractor seal your basement and improve the drainage around your home’s foundation.  Let’s look at some of the key benefits you will get from waterproofing your basement.

  1. Prevents Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is a big problem that creates an unhealthy environment and leads to mold growth. A contractor can help you by applying basement waterproofing measures such as sealing foundation cracks, installing a sump pump, and setting up a drainage system to prevent basement flooding.

  1. Healthier Environment

Basement waterproofing helps keep the basement dry and healthy. When the basement is dry and habitable, it creates additional space that you can put to other uses.


  1. Protects Your Sump Pump

Installing a sump pump is a good idea, but you cannot fully depend on the sump to remove water from the basement. The pump can fail or stop working for various reasons, including a power outage. Using other waterproofing methods will help keep water out of the basement so that you don’t necessarily have to rely on the sump pump.

  1. Reduced Cooling and Heating Costs

Humid air in a basement will require your HVAC system to use more energy to cool or heat your home, leading to high energy costs. Effective basement waterproofing will help you prevent this problem. 

  1. Prevents Structural Damage

Seepage of water through your basement’s walls can lead to notable foundation damage. The structural damage may include the bowing of walls, buckling and cracking, and damage to the joints between the floor and walls.

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