3 Important Facts about Egress Windows and Their Installation Atlanta, GA

Egress windows play an important role by helping you and your family stay safe in case of an emergency, such as a fire outbreak at home. Here are some important facts that you need to know about egress windows and why you should let a professional contractor help you install these windows.


  1. What Are Egress Windows?

Egress windows are special types of windows that are installed in all habitable spaces that are used as bedrooms. Egress windows are also required in finished basements that are used as living spaces, including spaces that are used as bedrooms within the basement. The windows are used as emergency exits in case of occurrences such as fires and other disasters.

  1. Key Benefits of Egress Windows
  • Provide access during emergencies such as fire: Egress windows provide a safe way to exit a building in case of an event such as a fire.
  • They are a requirement of the law: Building codes such as the International Residential Code require egress windows to be installed in all habitable spaces that are used as sleeping rooms.
  • Aesthetic appeal: When you install modern egress window systems on your house, this enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. A professional contractor can help you choose from the different types and colors of egress windows that are available to suit your home’s finish.
  • Natural light: Egress windows are not just emergency exits; they can also be used as other types of windows to bring natural light in the spaces where they are installed. An egress window plays an important role, especially in dark basements. So you can convert a dark basement into a well-lit and more usable space by simply installing an egress window.
  • Provide easier access: If you use your basement as a guest room, bedroom, or another type of room, an egress window will provide easier access to this room.egress-windows-atlanta-ga-cgs-waterproofing-2
  1. Why You Should Hire a Professional for Egress Windows Installation

When installing egress windows, you should work with a professional installer in order to get good results and ensure that the windows play their role well. Here are more reasons why you should hire a professional egress window installer.

  • Building code: Professional contractors understand building regulations as well as the specifications that egress windows should meet in order to be effective.
  • High-quality installation: Egress windows must meet the required safety standards and also enhance the appeal of your building. A professional egress window installer understands how to get the best quality during installation.

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